Apon wellbeing for makers

Apon operates shop inside and outside factory, selling food and other disposables to workers at a slight discount. In partnership with consumer goods manufacturing companies these wares cost the workers upto 10% less than at retail outside the factory. Each purchase from the shop earns a worker points that accumulate on her Apon account. For every 100 Bangladeshi taka (about $1.25) spent, the worker earns 1 Apon point. With 200 points, the worker gains access to zero-cash health coverage, allowing her to get free medical diagnoses and prescriptions from a doctor, maternity, hospitalization and life coverage.

Workers Wellbeing

Workers main issues are not always on our list; such as accessing certain basic services, they have low income and they need a decent life. How do we address those kinds of challenges and for this large number of people specially women?

Our Objective

Develop a sustainable model for workers wellbeing in partnership with community, manufacturers and service providers.

Ensure economic wellbeing and better standard of living for 200,000 workers (specifically women) before 2020.

Apon envisions to become a major contributor to transform the industrial sector in becoming more sustainable through system based solutions which ensures increased quality of life, better living conditions and work-life balance.


A Social enterprise dedicated to improve the life of industrial workers and their families (especially RMG sector)

Gateway for accessing range of different wellbeing products and services through an inclusive business model.

Ensuring products and tools which ensures financial inclusion, economic wellbeing and better health.




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Apon Wellbeing