Apon wellbeing for makers

A national chain of affordable grocery stores inside factories in Bangladesh. Workers gets access to free health insurance and other wellbeing benefits through purchasing grocery form the stores. All goods are upto 10% discounted which increases disposable income of the workers. Access to interest free credit, awareness, gifts and special offers are all an added bonus. All of this is done through a sustainable and innovative business model which involves consumer goods companies, insurance company, banks, apparel factories, large brands, retailers and workers.

Workers Wellbeing

Workers main issues are not always on our list; such as accessing certain basic services, awareness on health hygiene and nutrition which is crucial for a sustainable apparel industry. Apon can increase workers life through improved saving and sustainable consumption

Our Objective

Develop a sustainable platform for workers wellbeing in partnership with factroy, consumer goods manufacturers and different service providers.

Ensure economic wellbeing and better standard of living for 200,000 workers (specifically women) before 2020.


A Social enterprise dedicated to improve the life of industrial workers and their families (especially RMG sector)

Gateway for accessing range of different wellbeing products and services through an inclusive business model.

Ensuring products and tools which ensures financial inclusion, economic wellbeing and better health.




Workers Served


Women Served


Savings (BDT)

Apon Wellbeing